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Elysium by SoulofNovember Elysium by SoulofNovember
There they were in the bathroom lobby, both of them sitting on the couch side by side.
He asked, "What bothered you so much that you wanted an alone time? Was it the girls or those people talking about stupid things in general?"
The question caught her off guard and made her chuckle, her eyes shifted to the huge mirror, which took one side of the four walls, to the fancy golden faucets and bleached white towels that were placed neatly on a wooden shelf. She gazed on the floor and let out a long sigh. "Both," she said smiling.
Then there was a long uncomfortable pause, before she continued to ramble.
"I don't know what to say or how to act around these people. I think there's something wrong with me. It's as if I have two different personalities around two different groups of people. Sometimes I can't even express myself. Sometimes I can't even BE myself."
He squeezed her right hand and looked her in the eyes intensely. "It's okay. You're fine. I don't see anything wrong with you." His familiar brown eyes offered warmth and comfort. Tears started pooling in her eyes, she began to breathe rapidly than usual, she could hear her pulse pounding in her ears. He took her in his arms and rested her head on his chest. Eventually she calmed down.
"You've never told anyone about this," he mumbled. She didn't answer, she just closed her eyes and smiled wryly.
Then he stood up and took both of her hands and said, "Come with me on a vacation."
Confused and unsure of what to say, she finally asked, "What? This summer?"
"Yes. How about we take a break from all this? I really want you to come with me." he pleaded.
She thought about those people outside and all the things she has to do over the summer.
"We'll leave for a couple of weeks in July. This might sound strange, but I have this bucket list I made when I was a kid. Travelling to Hawaii is one of them. Believe me, it's been years since I've tried to check off every single things on this list. I want you to travel with me."
She imagined the idea of lying on the beach, burying her feet in the warm sand and listening to the ocean waves. A getaway with him might be what she needed. A break from responsibilities. She hugged him tightly and said, "I'd love to go with you." However, something told her that this wasn't real.
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